Excite bike was formed in mid- October of 1998. The universe seemed to come to a halt the day that Excite bike banded together. With Harley on guitar and lead vocals, Brodie on bass and backing vocals and Keith on the drums, each being master of his own instrument. Excite Bike managed to accomplish a lot as a new band such as: organizing our own concerts, self-releasing our first CD, and getting our performance on television.


In July Brodie moved to Vancouver shortly after the completion of the CD. Although Brodie's departure was a tremendous challenge for the band, Keith and I didn't hesitate and within a couple short weeks we had a new Bass player. Tristan Heft came to audition for the band and by the end of the jam he had been asked to join. Tristan's talent and technique have provided an excellent icing on the cake that is Excite Bike. Since Tristan joined, our songs have touched on styles as diverse as Reggae, Funk, Metal, Surf -rock and Jazz. With some new grooves along with some old favorites our set has never been better and we've tried it out on the likes of Molly Mcguire's, Babylon, Crackers, The Hi-Fi and club 207. We do all our booking, promotion, mass production of CD's and T-shirts and we even designed our own web page. In the words of Brodie, "Excite Bike's hard work and dedication to their music has them rolling in a forward motion."